Joeff Davis

Trump has drawn the ire of Chicagoland with the many insults he has directed at the Windy City, including calling the city a “total disaster.” On Monday, thousands of people showed up at Trump Tower to share some opinions of their own. Read more



Studio Incendo

One cannot help but wonder: how will all this end? Read more


Hundreds of young people and their supporters rallied near the White House in a Friday Student Climate Strike protest. What has been a small weekly gathering grew exponentially in size last week as Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg joined them. Read more


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Despite legitimate concern over economic inequality there, the movement has pro-Western elements and has been encouraged by Washington in familiar, odious ways. Read more

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Working people at all levels are beginning to understand how their interests are not that different, whether they pack chickens in Mississippi, sell Walmart products in California, or program for IBM in Atlanta. Read more



The U.S. National Archives

As fossil-fuel workers lose their jobs today, the urgency of what climate activists call the “just transition” becomes all the more apparent. Read more


David Bacon (Part 6, new teaser)

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In 1969 the residents of Berkeley transformed the park in just a few days from a vacant lot to a green expanse of trees, grass, a performance stage, and more. Within a month, the university mobilized the Berkeley Police to retake it. Read more




From Harvard to UW-Madison, students are protesting the wrong people. Read more

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Ted Eytan/Creative Commons

Not every public protest will entice change, but that doesn't mean our efforts are futile. Read more


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David Wilson

This piece was originally published in 1968 after the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where anti-war demonstrations were met with violent police backlash. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event. Read more


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Brian Alberth

The proper time and place to protest, they say, is always the time and place where they feel they can most easily ignore us. When we show up at their churches, homes, and country clubs, we are no longer constrained by their rigged rules. Read more

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Erin Sheridan

The controversial counter-protests of New York City for Abortion Rights reveal a division in the pro-choice fight. Read more

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Michael “Little Feather” Giron is the first person to face serious prison time for his role in the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read more

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Governor Mark Dayton

Amidst a wave of teacher strikes and union-government showdowns, Minnesota’s progressive leader tries a different tack. Read more

Public School Shakedown


Voice of America

I learned that the protests are not connected to established political parties, and that the trigger was far more than social security cuts. Read more

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Wesley Fryer

Teachers are challenging a decades-long nationwide conservative campaign to shrink government. Read more

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Peter Tkac

The shooting of journalist Ján Kuciak sparked massive protests. Read more



Ralph Chaplin

‘A Call for All Working People.’ Read more



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Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, but Reverend Rob Lee says there’s a right and wrong side to history, and he knows which side to be on. Read more

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Fibonacci Blue

On Monday, fast food workers will participate in nationwide strikes and protests in partnership with the Poor People’s Campaign, originally organized by Dr. Martin Luther King. Read more