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In recent years, Georgia has experienced troubling trends in fatal police shootings. As this has unfolded, the state continues to pursue a “police exchange” program with the state of Israel. Read more

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Reducing yet another tragic loss of black life to a Hallmark card is not justice. Read more

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Ed Moss

The police keep a close eye on nonviolent protesters. Read more



Charles Edward Miller

It has become an article of faith that the way to deal with daily abuses of power by police officers is through training and retraining. But training without substantial accountability could equal more militarized, and more lethal police. Read more



Johnny Silvercloud

New York City, like the nation, often responds to emotionally disturbed persons with police violence. Some places are trying to change that. Read more


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Grass is Greener

The marijuana industry is blossoming, along with multiple challenges to correcting decades of injustice around the plant. Read more


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Daniel X. O’Neil

Cook County Illinois’s public defender describes her work providing “a voice for the voiceless.” Read more


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Calloway For Five

In the wake of an historic conviction, Chicago’s political landscape has suddenly changed. Enter William Calloway. Read more



Debra Sweet

Police officials have backed Trump’s recent efforts at criminal justice reform, but where were they when Sessions trashed consent decrees, the most effective method of reforming their own departments? Read more



Donna Burton

When the Border Patrol plays loose with the rules, Terry Bressi goes to court. Read more


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David Wilson

This piece was originally published in 1968 after the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where anti-war demonstrations were met with violent police backlash. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event. Read more



Fibonacci Blue

A new wave of progressive candidates are challenging the party establishment and taking on police brutality. Read more


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Cenac’s show is a look at policing, firmly rooted in the cultural landscape of America. Read more


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Joeff Davis

“Unfortunately, it’s not at all unexpected that police side with white supremacists.” Read more

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Anya Klepacki

As author Alex Vitale puts it, “when political leaders tell the police to wage a war on crime, a war on drugs, a war on terror, a war on gangs, a war on disorder, police are going to get the message that they are at war with the public.” Read more


A former investment banker and army officer has made an unlikely pivot to police monitor—and he’s training others to do the same. Read more

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Kino Lorber

Despite its gloomy subject matter, the film offers some hope. Read more


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“Zero Dark Thirty” was a despicable piece of pro-CIA propaganda, but with “Detroit” the filmmaker has redeemed herself. Read more




“Feared for my life” is a go-to excuse, accepted in the court of public opinion and by juries, when considering the deaths of black men. Read more

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A progressive wind is blowing into the D.A.’s office, and none too soon, given the current climate in the courts and in the prisons. Read more