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    Annabelle Marcovici

    August 13, 2017: Tents set up at Ma’iingan Camp provide shelter for the visitors and volunteers who come to help with such daily tasks as construction, cooking, and cleaning. Although they don’t anticipate having to accommodate as many people as were camped at Standing Rock, the camp’s capacity for visitors is an ongoing conversation.

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    Annabelle Marcovici

    August 11, 2017: Scott “Mountain Man” Pitney and Daniel Culver carry poles to build a yurt at Ma’iingan Camp, an Anishinaabe camp in Northern Minnesota. The camp is one of several that emerged in the past year to resist energy corporation Enbridge’s new Line 3 pipeline that could put one fifth of the world’s fresh surface water at risk of contamination.

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    Annabelle Marcovici

    August 6, 2017: Horseback riders from the Kickapoo Nation lead the March to Give Keystone XL the Boot in Lincoln, Nebraska, in response to the Trump Administration’s decision to approve the previously rejected pipeline. They joined a diverse crowd that included farmers, ranchers, and tribal leaders.