Nuclear Weapons

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On the International Day of Peace, remembering a pioneer in nuclear disarmament and the evolution of humanity away from war. Read more

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The existence of the United Nations' 2017 Ban Treaty still remains unknown to many Americans. Read more


“I wanted to write a basic book because most Americans know so little about Iran.” Read more



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The National Security Advisor made sure talks with North Korea fell apart before they even happened. Read more


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Reese Erlich

Trump’s actions have rallied Iranians around their government. Read more



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After years of dormancy, there have been surprising stirrings in the nuclear disarmament field. Read more

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Astonishing lies . . . and we have to bomb, bomb, bomb. Read more


Trump and his Republican backers have long opposed efforts to ease tensions between the United States and Iran—especially any effort that might undermine excuses for going to war against that oil-rich nation. Read more

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“Fear is a terribly important human emotion. It’s the appropriate response to real danger.” Read more


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So much for the peaceful atom. Will it take a home-grown Fukushima to get these Democrats to pull their heads out of the radioactive sand? Read more

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Now nuclear war can be smaller, cuter, and more likely. Hooray!! Read more



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Can we walk ourselves back from the edge? Read more

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We may think of empathy in terms of personal relationships. But it's also a sophisticated diplomatic tool. Read more



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One example: U.S. ally Israel, which possesses an estimated 80 nuclear warheads, with material for up to 200, poses the real nuclear threat in the region. Read more

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“I had given up hope,” she confessed. “Then one day I was by the river and I saw this tree and I noticed this tree had died in the bomb blast. It was still black and charred, but I noticed small branches beginning to grow.” Read more



U.S. Military

We need to abandon nuclear deterrence, the magical idea that nuclear weapons somehow prevent themselves from being used, and seriously pursue the security of a world free of these weapons. Read more

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The most significant threat to human survival, apart from climate change, is a world in which nuclear weapons continue to exist. Yet, instead of negotiating in good faith the U.S. makes nuclear first strikes more likely. Read more

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In contrast, North Korea has voted to negotiate a nuclear weapons ban and China, alone among the nuclear weapon states, has abstained from voting. Read more


Taking a look at the modern war for America’s energy. Read more

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The designation was once invoked to censor The Progressive. Read more

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