North Korea

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Mark Fahey

“Maximum pressure” sanctions have failed to change policies in Pyongyang, and have had grave human costs. Read more


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Mark Fahey

Democratic and Republican hawks in Washington are already trying to make sure there’s no meaningful peace accord. And history is on their side. After all, that’s what happened with every previous peace effort. Read more



Gage Skidmore/Geralt/Mrill Ingram

The National Security Advisor made sure talks with North Korea fell apart before they even happened. Read more




President Donald Trump has managed to piss off just about everyone in that nation. Read more


What happens if Trump says “Disarm” and Kim says “No”? Read more



Roman Harak

We may think of empathy in terms of personal relationships. But it's also a sophisticated diplomatic tool. Read more




Diplomacy has worked to defuse the nuclear conflict in Iran. It can work in North Korea as well. The world cannot risk a nuclear confrontation. Read more



U.S. Military

We need to abandon nuclear deterrence, the magical idea that nuclear weapons somehow prevent themselves from being used, and seriously pursue the security of a world free of these weapons. Read more

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D. Myles Cullen

It has been drilled into our heads that North Korea poses a clear and chronic danger. Meanwhile, instability in Korea lines the pockets of those who profit from the business of war, and our media fails to report on North Korea’s overtures to the U.S. Read more

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"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you."-- Joseph HellerWhen Kim Jong Il, ruler of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, died on December 17, 2011, and was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un, onlookers began to assume ... Read more


As the world's attention is focused on Iraq, the North Korean nuclear crisis is developing quickly in an alarming direction. Read more