Nikos Ladopoulos

Life has a price in Greece today. It is worth just 25 Euros, or about $35. That's the price of admission to a public hospital since the beginning of the year. And it only gets your foot in the door, with other fees that follow. Read more

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In the midst of the international outcry against rising neo-Nazism and murderous attacks against foreign nationals and Greeks, the Greek government recently arrested several Parliament members (MPs) and other leaders of the neo-fascist Golden Daw... Read more


The killing of Pavlos Fyssas, an anti-fascist rapper, on Sept. 18 is a warning sign of how far things have gone downhill in Greece. Fyssas was allegedly murdered by a member of the Golden Dawn, the first European neo-Nazi group to make it into a ... Read more


This is the second time in my lifetime I woke up with the absence of public radio and television. Once when the Junta of the colonels fifty-five years ago brought out the tanks and took over the public broadcast stations and now when this tripart... Read more


Finally, the subject of Germany's war debt to Greece has surfaced.During World War II, Hitler forced credit on the Greek Quisling Government after looting its banks in 1943. This debt, $205 billion in today's money, plus the interest since 1945, ... Read more


With unemployment at almost 30% for the general population, 50% for those under 30, with suicides surpassing depression-era levels, with a rising neo-Nazi movement that preys on the fears of the less-educated, and with a powerless coalition gover... Read more