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An ode to our founder’s fierce advocacy for direct democracy by the everyday working people of this country. Read more



Phil Roeder

Broad support for the wave teacher strikes has candidates jostling each other step up on public education. Read more

Public School Shakedown

Conferring over ratification [of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution] at  [National Woman's Party] headquarters, Jackson Pl[ace] [Washington, D.C.].  L-R Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Mrs. Abby Scott Baker, Anita Pollitzer, Alice Paul, Flore.jpg

Library of Congress

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin on the unanimous Senate passage of the resolution she co-sponsored celebrating a century since the passage and ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. Read more


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Steve Nass

Cases on gerrymandering and the new Census citizenship question will shape the political playing field. Read more