National Security

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Brent Nicastro

Forty years ago, the U.S. government declared The Progressive a threat to national security. Read more




The U.S. National Security Agency has reportedly mothballed a large domestic spying program, but discontinuation of is not necessarily permanent. Now’s a good time to look at the program’s potential for abuse. Read more


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Less than a quarter of Americans report being “very worried” about global warming. But the U.S. military is very worried, and has been for years. Read more

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Our laws need to catch up with our technology. And fast. Read more


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Heath Hinegardner

Progressive magazine exclusive: Terrorism prosecutions in Arizona are built on internet searches and alleged statements. Do they threaten civil liberties? Read more

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War forever changes the men and women we send to fight. Can traumatized veterans ever fully recover? Read more

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It will be good to put all this uncivil discourse behind us. Read more


On the anniversary of the longest war in U.S. history, we offer this reflection on how we got here. Read more

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The death toll of the “let’s kill the people who are trying to kill us" method is rising. Read more


On the front lines against the U.S.'s cozy relationship with one of the worst governments in the world. Read more

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"They’ve got to stop giving these boys these toys because they don’t know how to handle them.” Read more


Let’s take a closer look at this cycle. Read more

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Uzbekistan is ranked among the half dozen worst countries in the world for human-rights abuses. Read more


Signs were waived on the final day of the convention that read "stronger" and "together". Read more

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Is Trump a Russian tool? Well he's certainly a tool. Read more

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The wave of terrorism in France risks increasing the clout of the extreme right, but many vow not to give in. Read more


Even if Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the war would still have been wrong. Read more

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When the United States acts as “global policeman,” we do to other nations what those two officers did to Alton Sterling. Read more

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