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In recent years, Georgia has experienced troubling trends in fatal police shootings. As this has unfolded, the state continues to pursue a “police exchange” program with the state of Israel. Read more

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Hundreds of arms and cybersecurity companies showcase their state-of-the-art weaponry—often tested in Gaza or the West Bank—to war industry dealers from all over the world. Read more


Biden backed the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, and saw the expansion of U.S. militarism in the Mideast during his vice presidency, while Sanders has opposed all recent U.S. wars of aggression. Read more


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Rod Waddington

We, in the United States, have yet to realize both the futility and immense consequences of war even as we develop, store, sell, and use hideous weapons. The number of children killed is rising. Read more



Jeff Abbott

“It was an abuse on the part of the authorities. In no circumstance should the Jeeps be used for intimidation.” Read more



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Either we learn to pull in our militaristic horns and try to live in peace or watch a growing national debt crush our chances for economic progress. Read more



Fahd Sadi

“It would affect their ability to fight immediately.” Read more

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Ted Eytan

The ban sets a precedent for the blatant exclusion of transgender people from public life. Read more


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For the ruling elite in Washington, there’s never a good time to end a war. But really, the United States lost the war in Afghanistan long ago. Read more


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Elena Hermosa

A Guatemalan court found that the army committed genocide against the Maya Ixil, but at the same time acquitted the chief of military intelligence of wrongdoing. Read more




Viewed through a global lens, our defense budget looks obscene. Read more


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League of Filipino Students

The Philippine National Police, implicated in the suppression of labor movements and President Duterte’s war on drugs, receive a significant amount of funding through U.S. foreign military financing. Read more



Debra Sweet

Should psychologists be allowed to counsel detainees at Guantanamo and other sites where torture has taken place? Read more



Noah Flora

“The heavens are going to be littered with radioactive debris.” Read more

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Ken Kistler

Dying empires often plunge into costly, disastrous military misadventures. They also tend toward political extremism as the painful loss of dominance demoralizes the citizenry. Sound familiar? Read more


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On Memorial Day, we shouldn’t just honor our fallen brethren with a moment of silence—we should question why they died. And no one is better positioned to lead this effort than veterans themselves. Read more

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Erika Wittlieb

How did the United States get into what may become yet another Mideast quagmire? Read more



Roman Harak

We may think of empathy in terms of personal relationships. But it's also a sophisticated diplomatic tool. Read more


100 years after one of the least-known and saddest chapters in American history, families of executed black soldiers have petitioned Trump for justice. Read more

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U.S. Army photo by Christopher Klutts

The number of U.S. troops in Africa has been steadily on the rise. What exactly are they doing there? Read more