Miles Brown

Miles Brown is a student at UW–Madison.

The death of Tony Robinson and the decision not to charge Officer Kenny feels like one more reminder that the lives of unarmed black men in this country are expendable. Read more

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Unequal education is an important aspect of our country’s glaring racial disparities. And somehow, the situation is even worse in the state of Wisconsin than in the rest of the nation. Image credit: Sarah Mittermeier Read more

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Scott Walker has a problem that is perhaps his biggest obstacle to ascending to national office. To put it plainly, he's just not the cooperating type. Image credit: Jodi Vander Molen Read more

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The death of Dontre Hamilton, and Monday’s decision not to charge the Milwaukee police officer who killed him, is another instance of deja vu. At some point you just get so numb to it. What a lot of people, including me, gather from these k... Read more