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Noor Al Hassan

Once again, people in the Middle East want democratic reforms and an end to corruption and foreign domination. Read more


A long-sectarian society has come together as one people, bringing hope and some much-needed levity to the streets as they push for an end to their current government. Read more


Camp Bucca

U.S. Army

As part of a 2004 delegation to Camp Bucca, where Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was held for 10 months, I heard tales of horrific experiences. It was one of the most hellish spots I've ever encountered. Read more




They say politics makes strange bedfellows. So does war. Read more


“Never fear, the Commander-in-Phone-Calls will get tough!” Read more


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Mahmoud Hassino

So far, the scheme isn’t working so well. Read more

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“Over 85,000 children dead from war and starvation in Yemen. And now you may pay more at the pump!” Read more


A new book explores the nuances behind the opposition to Zionism and effectively dispels the myth that Jewish people who criticize Israel are “self-hating Jews.” Read more

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Mark A. Wilson

The Trump Administration’s decision marks a serious violation of fundamental principles of international law. Read more


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Giacomo Sini

For a group of women living in an Iraqi Kurdistan refugee camp, a new class imparts lessons that go far beyond self-defense. Read more

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Umar Jamshaid

Kashmir—a long-contested region between India and Pakistan—is a spectacularly beautiful former tourist destination. But to live near the border these days means hunkering down in bomb shelters. Read more



Fahd Sadi

“It would affect their ability to fight immediately.” Read more

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Dr. Hakim

Constant military surveillance of Afghans yields almost no real intelligence about the problems they face each day. An unusual group of volunteers uses a far different approach. Read more


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Felton Davis

The horror of the Yemen War is changing minds at last. Read more


When children waste away to literally nothing while fourteen million people face conflict driven famine, a hue and cry—yes, a caterwaul —most certainly should be raised, worldwide. Read more

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“I don’t think the Saudis would be conducting this level of atrocity if not for the support from the United States.” Read more

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Reese Erlich

As militant protests roil the city of Basra in Iraq, two summer films give a fuller sense of what U.S. occupation there has wrought. Read more


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U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Joshua J. Garcia

On August 9, a U.S.-supported Saudi airstrike bombed a bus carrying schoolchildren in Sa’ada, a city in northern Yemen. Read more



Creative Commons

A new Amnesty International report implicates UAE-backed forces in Yemen—which are supported by the U.S.—in the torture and other mistreatment of detainees. Read more


This piece is from the November 1957 issue of The Progressive. Read more