Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen is a contributing writer for The Nation, a contributing editor at Dissent magazine and a co-producer of Dissent’s “Belabored” podcast. Find her on Twitter at @meeshellchen 

Rank-and-file Silicon Valley tech workers are using their leverage to push companies toward more ethical business models, or at least away from destroying the environment and undermining human rights. Read more

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Kids' Work Chicago Daycare

The move in other states has resulted in more care workers with licenses, helping ensure more consistent, regulated care for the kids and their families who need it most. Read more


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The National Labor Relations Board just proposed a rule returning to their Bush-era position, undermining years of steady gains in graduate worker organizing. Read more


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Eden, Janine and Jim

New York City set out to reform a system of academic hierarchy viewed as reproducing entrenched privilege. But, in that town as elsewhere, any move to disrupt the vaunted gifted and talented programs will run into resistance. Read more



Johnny Silvercloud

New York City, like the nation, often responds to emotionally disturbed persons with police violence. Some places are trying to change that. Read more


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Virginia juvenile justice advocates envision a correctional system not about police and prisons but about stability, families, and a continuum of care. Read more



Noah Flora

Nipplegate has a long history in the Global South. Read more



Fibonacci Blue

Twin cities workers are getting shorted on their paychecks—but that’s not the worst of it. Read more


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While global outrage has mounted, it’s all quiet on the diplomacy front. Strip away the experts and the fact-finders, and we’re left with a global power balance that hinges on mutual silence. Read more

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Last Monday evening, in a small dark theater space on Manhattan's Lower East Side, a group of young people gathered and started talking. They shared stories about growing up, trying to fit in or stand out among peers, school troubles and college ... Read more


The films captured both the medium and the message--a testament to the vitality of storytelling as a political tool, and panorama of a movement that is helping level social inequities with each new space it claims. Read more


The first step toward dismantling systemic poverty is to stop ignoring it. Read more