Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson is a writer, poet and film critic. His latest book is the novel Hemingway Cutthroat.

In his new film, director Manuel Correa casts a cool eye on the oddly surreal social landscape of the country after years of civil war. Read more


“On the Basis of Sex,” a flashy biopic, contributes to the pop-deification of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Read more

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In its machine-gun way, Adam McKay’s ‘Vice’ strikes a fine balance, between seriocomic pop history and furious activism. Read more


No film this year has so potently evoked the spirit of our slippery, maddening modern moment. Read more


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The legacy of colonialism gets sliced for sandwiches in this new Argentine film centered on a lonely, xenophobic “lost one,” poisoned by the white man’s burden. Read more

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A carefully etched portrayal of an absurd society eating itself alive. Read more


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Haneke’s not the first to target the haute bourgeoisie’s hollowness and cruel culpability, but in this season of squalid power, he may be the best. Read more


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In Theo Anthony’s “Rat Film,” rodent history intertwines with a human geography of urban injustice. Read more


The film is one of those prize indies that spools out and grows in your head for days afterwards. Read more