Encarni Pindado

In June, the country began implementing a plan to contain migrants, many making their way from Central American countries north to the United States. Read more


Mexico-U.S. border

Veronica Gonzales

History shows why it’s smart to recognize our neighbor as a natural ally. Read more

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In the Lone Star State, a preview of the political battle to come. Read more


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Jeff Abbott

Since AMLO took over, migrants are finding much different environment than the previous caravans. Read more



Noel Rojo

A global, long-term journalism project, presents a more complex view of migration, giving voice to those who are left behind. Read more

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Jeff Abbott

After traveling across Guatemala from Honduras, a second caravan of people fleeing violence and poverty encountered strong police resistance at the Guatemala-Mexico border. Jeff Abbott reports on what happened there. Read more


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Free-trade meant U.S. grains flowed into Mexico at prices below the cost of production, and small Mexican farmers struggled to compete. Will that change under Mexico’s new President? Read more


The same activists who helped López Obrador win his bottom-up campaign hope that his victory will interrupt  a cycle of corruption that has poisoned democracy even at the very humblest local level. Read more



Jeff Abbott

The view from small-town polling stations on Election Day shows a corrupted democracy that bottom-up activists hope AMLO can start fixing from the top-down. Read more




Mexico will elect a new president on July 1, and the "Mexican Bernie Sanders" is leading by a wide margin. Read more


He sits down with The Progressive: “Any trade war, no matter how small, can easily escalate, with grave consequences.” Read more


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Ruth Conniff

Mexican workers sustain the U.S. dairy industry and their hometown in Veracruz. Read more

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Ruth Coniff

The scene in the park, across the street from the Our Lady of the Assumption church, was peaceful. Read more

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A lack of media attention allows the Trump team to hide U.S. involvement without having to answer for the increase in violence. Read more

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Heather Gies

For the thousands of indigenous and other women gathered in Chiapas, art is resistance. Read more



Presidencia de la República Mexicana

Parents outraged over a discussion of privilege in a Wisconsin school district, which suffers from a historical amnesia that indigenous Mexicans can't afford. Read more

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A small crowd gathered to watch the dancers and wait for María de Jesús Patricio Martínez—better known as Marichuy—the Zapatista candidate for president of Mexico, and first indigenous woman to run for the highest office in the country’s history. Read more

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Reconnecting with other people and letting go of the mad pursuit of stuff, at all costs, is easier when you surround yourself with other people who are doing the same. Read more



Jesse Lenz

Saikou Touray learned the hard way how tough it is for people from other countries fleeing danger in the age of Donald Trump. Read more


Mexicans are less shocked at the possibility that their government does not have the people's best interests at heart. Read more