Melissa Ryan


Melissa Ryan authors Ctrl Alt Right Delete, a weekly newsletter. She’s spent a decade leading digital campaigns for nonprofits and political races, including EMILY’s List, Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, the New Organizing Institute, and Senator Russ Feingold.  She's on Twitter @MelissaRyan. Sign up for her newsletter.

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Michael Gelen

White nationalists are building political power from within the Republican Party. Read more

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Fabrizio Rinaldi

Newly elected House Democrats promise to crack down on “domestic terrorism.” Read more


VA: Alt Right, Neo Nazis Hold Torch Rally at UVA

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The alt-right would rather destroy liberal democracy before they allow people of color and women to gain political and social power. And Trump can't risk alienating them. Read more



Evan Nesterak

Neo-Nazis are a constituency group of President Trump. So are white nationalists. And the so-called alt-right you keep hearing about? They’re a constituency as well. Read more