Martin Espada

A poem by Martín Espada. Image credits: Jason Espada, Patrick Sylvain. Read more


General Pinochet at the Bookstore Santiago, Chile, July 2004The general's limo parked at the corner of San Diego streetand his bodyguards escorted him to the bookstorecalled La Oportunidad, so he could browsefor rare works of history.There were n... Read more


Not long ago, I read an article by Matt Rothschild on The Progressive website called, "Banned in Tucson." This was the first time I had seen the actual reading list of the forbidden Mexican-American Studies Department. Read more


If the earth of Lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers stood before 9/11 is sacred ground, then all the people who died that day in those towers are sacred too. All the people -- including the immigrant workers who kept all 100+ floors clean, safe... Read more