Mark Anthony Rolo


Mark has been a correspondent for Indian Country Today, director of the Native American Journalists Association and is author most recently of the memoir My Mother Is Now Earth. He is an enrolled member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and a regular contributor to The Progressive, including for the column, “Going Native.”

As Indian people, we are taught that it is community that saves us. So imagine my fear when I think of the displacement of urban Indians. Read more


Christian Dior’s latest ad campaign for its fragrance “Sauvage,” featured an American Indian dancing in full regalia in the desert. But that’s not what people should be mad about. Read more

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The biggest challenge facing tribal communities is the lack of real, widespread support that connects people to health care. Read more


In a new book, Renya Ramirez chronicles the activist lives of her Ho-chunk and Ojibwe grandparents Henry and Elizabeth Cloud. Read more


While racial identity may seem like the latest in dinner party fodder for white people, American Indians have been burdened with this issue for generations. Read more

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Bob Nichols/USDA

The shutdown has turned the Bureau of Indian Affairs into a virtual ghost town. Read more




The massacre serves as far more than a historical footnote for Indians. Read more


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Sean Sisk

The artists address mental health in their newest single, “I Need Angels.” Read more


Every year at this time I wonder why we, as American Indians, bother to celebrate Thanksgiving. Read more



C Watts

Snyder and his Washington football team are learning that the price of hate can sometimes be too expensive. Read more

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When I hear people like the Cherokee Nation’s Hoskins Jr. bashing Warren for her claim, it occurs to me that Trump’s racism has found a footing in tribal politics. Read more

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Sam English

#UsToo, Columbus dud, and more. Read more


Old-time Indian women would fry bread in the early morning and at the end of the day. I often wonder if they found solace in making the bread, like my mother. Read more


Chances are good that the land deed you hold rests on the treaty system. Read more




With an Indian taco and stick of buttered corn in my hands, nothing matches the drum beat of community. Read more


As 'Indian Country Today' goes digital-only, it's hard to tell if it will have a viable place in Indian news. Read more



Tony Webster

I grew up with deep roots of racial self-hate. I wished I could fit in better with the dominant society. I wished to God I was not an American Indian. Read more


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Diné Equality

Prior to colonization, American Indians had their own values of tolerance and acceptance. Forgetting those values not only threatens our tradition, but our right to tribal sovereignty. Read more

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Greg Ness

How uncanny and unexpected this younger generation has become—so much more open-minded and embracing of diversity in our world. Read more


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Lorie Shaull

Public attention has focused on the bad behavior of prominent, mostly white men. Thankfully, this spotlight is also falling on Indian men who have behaved in similar ways. Read more