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Maeve Higgins writes for The New York Times and hosts the hit podcast, Maeve in America: Immigration IRL. She's author of Maeve in America: Essays by a Girl from Somewhere Else.

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A cursory look at American history shows us that the government has had plenty of practice at dividing up families, almost always racial minorities, and forcing them to live apart, often forever. Read more


Consider the story of Annie Moore, a seventeen-year-old girl who left my hometown of Cobh, County Cork, back in 1891. Read more


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Edward Linley Sambourne

Suketu Mehta’s new book makes a compelling case for immigration as a form of reparations. Read more


Icy air filled the small space between us and my heart began to race. Read more


There is no man intriguing enough, no snack delicious enough, and no anecdote disarming enough to divert me from this topic. Read more


Stand-up comedy is becoming less pale and male, and more relevant. Read more


The first tree huggers were incredibly brave. Read more

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Here I am, on the sidelines, and all I can do is boo. Read more


There’s one job Americans don’t mind giving immigrants. Read more


At seventeen, in that smooth “I-want-it-so-I’ll-take-it” way of a middle-class white person, I simply moved here. Read more