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Dennis Dimick

Preemption is especially prevalent in states with Republican-led legislatures, which often employ model bill language from conservative groups like ALEC. Read more


Dollar general

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“Their whole strategy is to go to a neighborhood that has a lot of poor people who don’t have access to transportation and can only walk to and from the dollar store.” Read more

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Welcome to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Jimmy Emerson

One of the most segregated cities in the United States takes on racism as a health issue. Read more

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Private companies want to build new immigrant detention facilities, but communities around Chicago are stopping them in their tracks. Read more


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Local residents now have standing in court to sue corporate polluters on behalf of the lake. The local effort has been vigorously opposed by a group linked to some of the largest corporations and lobbying groups on the planet. Read more

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Are we witnessing a fundamental change in how the public views corporate incentive packages, and the craven submissiveness of elected officials who hand them out? Read more


A new report highlights how local LGBTQ rights measures are under threat—and the special lessons this offers about the dangers of state preemption. Read more


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Frackfree Mahoning

Pre-election maneuvering—requiring that ballot initiatives jump through hoops and meet certain standards—is undermining local residents' democratic rights. Read more


New findings show that a majority of voters are seeking to defend their local governments—and their own power. Read more




States are passing “super preemption” bills that go one step further to thwart local action on issues like guns and immigration. Read more

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The Working Families Party began in just a few states. But lately it's been lending weight to elections from Birmingham, Alabama to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read more



Matt McLoughlin

Monica Trinidad of For the People Artists Collective and People's Response Team explains the fight over Chicago city council's vote to fund a new police academy. Read more



Fibonacci Blue

In cities from Iowa to Oregon, local protections and civil rights are quashed by the states Read more