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Why the blustery billionaire may lose in Florida more


"I figure it’s probably, maybe, the only way I’m going to get to heaven." more


A couple thousand "nobles sauvages" and nerdy savants from across the republic are letting loose this weekend. more

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In the prosecution's last remarks to the six-woman jury of the George Zimmerman trial, assistant state attorney John Guy delivered a famous quote from Voltaire: "To the living we owe respect, and to the dead we owe the truth."Of course, the livin... more


George Zimmerman's lawyers spent part of the day Wednesday trying to convey to the jury that he is really a good guy. Zimmerman, 29, is the neighborhood vigilante and wannabe cop who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in the heart in a Sanford, Flor... more


“I still do have a target on my back or a ‘Kick Me’ sign. But you know what? The wind is at our back,” Paul declares. more


By Kirk Nielsen ON A WET, BLUSTERY FRIDAY night in Orlando, Representative Alan Grayson is on stage at Sea World, looking like a funky magician. The tall, fifty-one-year-old Democrat who serves Florida’s still fairly Republican Eighth Congress... more


Worse Than Hanging Chads By Kirk Nielsen, November 2006 Issue A number of states, including my home state of Florida, are oblivious to the pitfalls of electronic voting systems. more


Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson of Bhopal infamy died a fugitive from justice. The Progressive got a last glimpse of Anderson in this piece from our archives. more

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