Jason Mark

That a grassroots conservative activist would become one of the most effective advocates of renewable energy in her region is just one example of the swirling, surprising politics of clean energy today. Read more

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FABIENNE ANTOINE CAME ALL the way from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., to hold President Obama to his word.The twenty-one-year-old political science major at Spelman College says she was psyched when, during his second Inaugural Address, the Preside... Read more


Jason Mark is writing an article for the April issue of The Progressive on the Forward on Climate rally and the prospects for climate action in Obama's second term. Read more


Determined to push President Obama to translate his inspiring rhetoric on climate change into bold policy actions, dozens of environmental leaders and their allies are right now risking arrest in front of the White House. Today's carefully cho... Read more


The expectation that a spontaneous protest movement have a single, laser-like message is about as fair as asking a city to have a single message. Read more


This Earth Day, let's get serious about our country's oil obesity problem. Read more