James Goodman

James Goodman is a freelance writer based in Rochester, New York.

Many migrants with Temporary Protected Status have called the U.S. home for over a decade. Some have joined a twelve-week, cross-country “Journey for Justice” tour to let people know why they want to stay. more

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Rita Gaither

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has revoked Abigail Hernandez’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, paving the way for deportation to Mexico. “She would be taken advantage of. She would not survive,” her teacher says. more

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Trump’s assault on the immigration courts. more



James Goodman

She sought help for domestic violence but, without social support, an immigrant’s search for a better life took a deadly turn. more


Arely Tomas is living on the edge, never knowing what a knock on her door brings, or if her routine check-ins at an ICE office will result in a one-way deportation ticket. The work of immigration rights activists has never been more important. more

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James Goodman

Reyes-Herrera was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over in a traffic stop last June. That was the beginning of the end. more

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Jesse Lenz

Saikou Touray learned the hard way how tough it is for people from other countries fleeing danger in the age of Donald Trump. more