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Jake Jacobs is a New York City school teacher and education blogger.  He has written for Washington PostDiane Ravitch’s BlogAlterNet, the BAT Blog and elsewhere.


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The discord and confusion in the state, which has the highest test refusal rate in the nation, was compounded by a large online system crash almost immediately after testing began April 2. Read more

Public School Shakedown

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On education issues, newly-elected progressive Democrats are setting a new tone. Read more

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The upcoming New York primary could redefine the Democratic party in the state—and could mean drastic change for the charter school industry. Read more

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A number of New York’s ultra Orthodox Jewish schools, accused of academic neglect, are a shocking example of what happens when ‘school choice’ is prioritized over all else. Read more

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Independent Production Fund

One way the candidate is moving the needle? Pushing to end unfair and inaccurate teacher ratings based on students' standardized test scores. Read more

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The candidate for New York governor and former Sex and the City actor is a longtime public education advocate, and isn’t afraid to point out Cuomo’s pattern of underfunding schools. Read more

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Success Academy

If granted, this would allow teachers to transfer from a charter into any public school statewide, avoiding current degree and certification requirements. And that’s not good for students. Read more

Public School Shakedown