The president hopes we’ll break our Russia tunnel vision and set sights on Iran. We should. more



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A new benchmark for hypocritical, arrogant, and entitled demands by the United States on foreign governments. more


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Reese Erlich

Trump’s actions have rallied Iranians around their government. more


Astonishing lies . . . and we have to bomb, bomb, bomb. more


Trump and his Republican backers have long opposed efforts to ease tensions between the United States and Iran—especially any effort that might undermine excuses for going to war against that oil-rich nation. more

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Reese Erlich

Protests against the government in Iran reflect a wide range of views. But about Trump, Iranians appear unified. more



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The history of U.S.-Iranian relations looms over Trump’s threats to end the Obama-era nuclear deal. We speak with Iranian Scholar Emad Kiyaei about sanctions and recent protests. more


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December's spontaneous protests among young, working-class Iranians reflect the similar tensions over wealth inequality that plague the U.S. But that hasn't stopped Donald Trump from using the protests to justify his aggressive policies. more



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One example: U.S. ally Israel, which possesses an estimated 80 nuclear warheads, with material for up to 200, poses the real nuclear threat in the region. more

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Our current military effort is a failed one—and it's time for an entirely new approach, says Andrew Bacevich. more


Now that the United States and Iran have agreed on a nuclear accord, Iranians have high hopes for improving the economy. more


Until King Salman’s notable absence from meetings with the White House this week, the Saudi royal family has managed its relationship with the United States with utmost care. more

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The Congressional Black Caucus should enthusiastically back the U.S.–Iran nuclear agreement. more

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Reaching an interim nuclear deal with Iran would have been difficult enough even without hardliners in both Iran and the United States seeking to undermine them. more


It’s safe to say that the first two things Americans think of when they think of Muslims are violent terrorist attacks and the oppression of women. Image credit: RAWA more

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Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress on March 3 was unprecedented in many ways. more

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Like Abraham, who was ready to slaughter his son to please God, Netanyahu is ready to sacrifice Israel’s most vital interests for election victory. Image credit: AFP/Getty Images more


Since leaving the CIA Baer has become an outspoken commentator on intelligence-related matters in various venues, including CNN as its national security affairs analyst. Image credit: Kevin Toolis. more

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Bombing will only drive more Sunnis into the arms of ISIS. Diplomacy must take center stage. more

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