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A journalist fights detention and deportation by ICE. Read more



How the rich, binational culture of the Rio Grande Delta in Texas is dealing with its designation as a site of terrorism and chaos. Read more


Because wall can. Because wall is beautiful. Read more


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Jeff Abbott

Since AMLO took over, migrants are finding much different environment than the previous caravans. Read more



Noel Rojo

A global, long-term journalism project, presents a more complex view of migration, giving voice to those who are left behind. Read more

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A tale of defending an American identity. Read more


The number of hate crimes jumped some 17 percent in 2017, the third consecutive year to see an increase since 2015, when Donald Trump declared his candidacy for President. Read more


Coming to get you, your job, and your women! (Blue tape included.) Read more




Midwestern farmers suffering from a long-term economic squeeze see the President as the “better evil.” Read more

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Landesarchiv Berlin

What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of Donald Trump’s border wall? Read more


Trump has proved a master at conflating illegal immigration (which is way down) with asylum claims made by families escaping violence in Central America. Read more



Arizona State University

He offered food, water, and clothing to migrants on a deadly stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. Now he’s facing twenty years in prison. Humanitarian groups fear the situation will only get worse. Read more



Fibonacci Blue

Trump’s political survival in the short term and in 2020 is dependent in keeping his base foaming at the mouth. Read more


When we are at our best, we don’t spend billions of dollars building monuments to paranoia. And we sure don’t allow fixation on the erection of such a monument — call it a wall, call it a fence — to bring useful functions of government to a halt. Read more

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Jeff Abbott

Migration from Guatemala’s Alta Verapaz has spiked in the last year, in part due to extreme poverty and no avenues for people to improve their situation. The roots of the tragedy run deep. Read more


Never underestimate Donald Trump’s willingness to pitch the country into chaos. Read more


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Heather Gies

“There’s a significant number of job offers. It won’t be a hassle for them to find a job.” Read more

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Gladi Aguilar

Asylum seekers at official ports of entry on the U.S.-Mexico border are running into countless obstacles and rejections, part of a “horrendous and blatantly illegal” effort to discourage those seeking safe haven. Read more


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© Stephen Pavey

The use of the “good immigrant vs. bad immigrant” narrative has led us to this point; we need to do better. Read more

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