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The use of the “good immigrant vs. bad immigrant” narrative has led us to this point; we need to do better. Read more

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NJ Alliance for Immigrant Justice

How an aggressive and sustained campaign at the grassroots moved immigration policy in New Jersey. Read more


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Lawyers for Civil Rights

Climate change, pollution, and violence drive people to the U.S. border, even with no promise of a path to citizenship. Read more



Peg Hunter

The termination of this program and the deportation of TPS holders is a cruel political tactic, with real-life consequences. Read more

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Carlos Bernate

Policies and activism that work to shelter undocumented immigrants have spread across the country—and are remarkably effective. Read more


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A cursory look at American history shows us that the government has had plenty of practice at dividing up families, almost always racial minorities, and forcing them to live apart, often forever. Read more



Fibonacci Blue

Aggressive immigration law enforcement obstructs the protection of all workers, documented and undocumented alike. In November, Democratic lawmakers reintroduced legislation meant to protect them. Read more

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Agricultural work


The Trump Administration’s far-right vision for immigration involves a domestic work program for people facing the threat of deportation and the expansion of an exploitative “guest worker” arrangement. Read more

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Naturalization, pence

The White House

A new kind of voter suppression is being perpetrated by the federal government and flying largely under the radar: a multi-faceted effort to prevent legal immigrants from becoming citizens in time to vote. Read more


This man should not be allowed to walk the streets, let alone run for Senate. Read more


trump loyalty


In Donald Trump’s America, it seems that anyone who speaks against the president will be accused of treachery. But these claims echo those made one hundred years ago. Read more


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Daniel Lobo

A gaggle of far-right MAGA men showed up at a Chicago church to protest its immigrant rights work. Bad decision. Read more


How do we make America what America must become? Read more

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Consider the story of Annie Moore, a seventeen-year-old girl who left my hometown of Cobh, County Cork, back in 1891. Read more


A not-so-subtle theme of the Democratic primary debates, and much of the conversation about the 2020 presidential election, is the choice between pragmatic centrism and inspiring progressivism. Read more


Despite ongoing political turmoil, new data shows how Dreamers’ continue to help build the nation. Read more


A new documentary trains our focus on an underexposed slice of the immigration dynamic: the urge to return home. Read more


What are bootstraps to someone who literally cannot stand on their own two feet? Read more


In a case perhaps more relevant now than ever, the trial of the two immigrants became a rallying point for 1920s progressives, labor activists, and human rights advocates around the globe. Read more


Criminalizing undocumented workers will not stop people from hiring them. It only makes them more exploitable. Read more


How many budding job-creators will we now turn away? Read more