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Kevin Dooley

“NATO’s war didn’t leave Yugoslavia any better off. It tore apart families and left the region straddled with debt, picking up the pieces.” Read more



Arizona State University

He offered food, water, and clothing to migrants on a deadly stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. Now he’s facing twenty years in prison. Humanitarian groups fear the situation will only get worse. Read more



Columbia GSAPP

One would think that opposing Israel control of Palestinian territories seized in the 1967 war, which the international community recognizes as a foreign belligerent occupation, would not be particularly controversial. Read more


Earlier this year we scrutinized the sourcing policies of thirteen well-known jewelry brands. Here’s what we found. Read more




In the current age of authoritarian-leaning governments, politicians and activists see this declaration as more important than ever. Read more

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Jeff Abbott

After traveling across Guatemala from Honduras, a second caravan of people fleeing violence and poverty encountered strong police resistance at the Guatemala-Mexico border. Jeff Abbott reports on what happened there. Read more


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Elena Hermosa

A Guatemalan court found that the army committed genocide against the Maya Ixil, but at the same time acquitted the chief of military intelligence of wrongdoing. Read more


The underlying cause of the violence they are escaping is a trail of blood and culpability that can be traced right back to the United States. Read more


A human rights activist gives an eyewitness account of sordid conditions in the border detention centers––conditions that persist despite the President's recent policy reversal. Read more



Michael Büker

Over the past twenty-five years, there has been remarkable headway in bringing to justice people accused of mass slaughter, rape as a weapon of war, and crimes against humanity. Read more



Elena Hermosa/Wikimedia

The former Guatemalan dictator leaves behind a legacy as “a genocidaire against indigenous people.” Read more

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Michael Lamont

George Takei talks about his latest work, lessons from history, and combatting racism and sexism today. Read more




It would take a very stable genius to close Guantanamo. Read more

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While global outrage has mounted, it’s all quiet on the diplomacy front. Strip away the experts and the fact-finders, and we’re left with a global power balance that hinges on mutual silence. Read more

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Afghan Mothers (Credit - Afghan Peace Volunteers).JPG

Kathy Kelly

Kabul, formerly one of the safest places in Afghanistan, has now become one of the most dangerous. Read more



Joshua Igor

The richest nation in the world and this guy’s talking about some sort of Mad Max hellscape. Read more



© Carolyn Gantner

Monseñor Romero ~ ¡Presente! Óscar Romero on his centenary, soon to be named the first Central American-born Saint. Read more


It's practically impossible to avoid using it but its impacts on human rights and endangered species are enormous. We need to hold responsible the corporations with palm oil—and blood—on their hands. Read more



Freedom House

Once again, the dictator of Syria, Assad, has committed a crime against humanity. And once again, the U.S. government is playing the role of apologist. Read more

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Andrea DiCenzo

In January, my colleagues and I interviewed dozens of residents in eastern Mosul who had remained in their homes as Iraq’s battle with the Islamic State shifted to their neighborhoods. They shared horrific stories. Read more