California’s homelessness crisis has reached a fever pitch—and it’s not alone. Read more


As Indian people, we are taught that it is community that saves us. So imagine my fear when I think of the displacement of urban Indians. Read more


As the holidays approacheth, and pot becomes legal in my state, I’m considering reviving my Dysfunctional Family Christmas tradition. Read more

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Mnuchin, Otting, Ross

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The very people who profited from the misery of the housing crash are now setting the rules of the financial system in ways guaranteed to create more victims. Read more


David Bacon (Part 6, new teaser)

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In 1969 the residents of Berkeley transformed the park in just a few days from a vacant lot to a green expanse of trees, grass, a performance stage, and more. Within a month, the university mobilized the Berkeley Police to retake it. Read more


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Jet Lowe

As they prepare for inauguration, an eager freshman class of alderpersons tackle the city’s escalating crisis. Read more


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


“And as long as we have this problem, there will be some form of de facto segregation in the public schools and in all other areas of life.” Read more


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Eminent domain is supposed to support projects for the public good. In Wisconsin, it’s been harnessed instead for private gain. Read more

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Claire VanValkenburg

Now Trump will be able to say maybe he didn’t build that wall, but he did build a bureaucratic barbed wire fence that keeps out the lazy “public charges.” Read more


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Ed Dunens

This is exactly the kind of valuable, constructive action HUD should be taking. So why were they doing it? Read more


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Joshua K. Leon

Ben Carson builds on HUD's long-shaky foundation. Read more


Shelter staff can do little if ICE agents arrive with a warrant naming specific people, but they can protect clients from arbitrary sweeps. Read more

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Ernesto Aguilar

Many people are aware of the challenges of urban gentrification, but smaller cities and rural places also suffer from housing shortages and high rents. Community radio stations are playing an important role in addressing the problem. Read more



Jeff Turner

The Great Recession may be over, but abusive mortgage servicers are still at work, and they're transforming neighborhoods into rental markets. Read more


When your monthly income is $763, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment where you live is $861, you’re screwed. Read more


Cities across the country have passed laws meant to crack down not on homelessness but on its visibility. Read more


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Nathan Dugan

In January, drowning in student debt, I moved out of my apartment and into a cargo van. Read more



U.S. Department of Agriculture

Renters around the U.S. are calling for continued HUD funding and expanded tenant rights Read more


President Bush is not doing enough for those who are suffering in our housing crisis. Read more