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Malick’s visionary film strives for the heightened experience of poetic lyricism and spiritual cinema. Read more


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A cursory look at American history shows us that the government has had plenty of practice at dividing up families, almost always racial minorities, and forcing them to live apart, often forever. Read more


Through the years, television and film treatments have transmitted the late Senator's persona–and exposed his perfidy. Read more

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Robert A. Ellis

On April 25, 1945, American and Russian soldiers linked up at the Elbe River and made a pledge for peace that we should heed today. Read more


“We're still here.” Read more



Library of Congress

American public policy surrounding Haiti still contributes to ongoing misery there today—including conditions that have erupted in protests in recent weeks. Read more

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Most Americans are well aware of the Underground Railroad that helped escaped Southern slaves find freedom in the North, but few have heard of the Reverse Underground Railroad that delivered free Northern black Americans into slavery. Read more


“In the closing hours, a brief speech by Abbie Hoffman, one of the five convicted defendants, provided the glimpse of meaning, that brief hint of the point to which we all had come.” Read more



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What we need in America is a steady gaze in the mirror, accepting that any talk about our history is the story of people brought here as slaves. Read more


In a case perhaps more relevant now than ever, the trial of the two immigrants became a rallying point for 1920s progressives, labor activists, and human rights advocates around the globe. Read more


For nearly three-quarters of a century, “The Progressive” has been a consistent voice against nuclear madness. Read more

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Brent Nicastro

Forty years ago, the U.S. government declared The Progressive a threat to national security. Read more



James M Shelley

“We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” — Joni Mitchell Read more

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In the time of Nixon and the time of Trump, The Progressive issued a clarion call for removal of a sitting President. Read more


“I would hope that I could announce my candidacy in a clown outfit.” A poke-you-in-the-eye political commentator has died, at the age of forty. Read more

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Being told to “go back” reveals the desire of white America to bleach away the blood stains of its original sin: slavery. And there's been a long line of efforts to do that. Read more


The Yippies’ co-founder and counterculture provocateur was all about making political activism fun. Read more


“For that kind of money,” Vonnegut cracked on the CBS Evening News, “the least [NASA] can do is discover God.” Civil rights activists, anti-Vietnam War protesters and even top scientists were skeptical of the Apollo moon mission at the time. Read more

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White House

Twenty years ago, a civil rights victory helped disabled people escape institutional life. Read more