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Harvey Wasserman's radio shows are broadcast at KPFK/Pacifica 90.7FM in Los Angeles. His podcast is on the Progressive Radio Network. His People's Spiral of US History: from Deganawidah to Solartopia is at


Brocken InaGlory

The campaign by local governments to break up and take over the utility could mark a turning point in the history of American energy. Read more

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Defying all laws of competitive economics, climate change, and technological progress, the state House has voted in a ratepayer-funded bailout for two aging nuclear power plants. Read more


CA: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fundraiser and rally in Los Angeles

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The environmental policy centerpiece of the incoming Democratic House of Representatives has ignited tremendous grassroots enthusiasm. Read more

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California fires


In today’s America, random mass murder has merged with ecological devastation. Read more

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A groundswell of grassroots citizens push back against the confusion and apathy that might prevent voters from heading to the polls. Read more



Noah Flora

“The heavens are going to be littered with radioactive debris.” Read more

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More Americans now work in the solar industry than in nukes and coal combined. In fact, more are working in California’s solar industry than are digging coal nationwide. So why are politicians propping up nonrenewable energy? Read more

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So much for the peaceful atom. Will it take a home-grown Fukushima to get these Democrats to pull their heads out of the radioactive sand? Read more

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Arturo Pardavila III

This is a victory, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Read more


Like nearly everything else Trump does, the hike in solar duties makes no rational sense, and major developments in the nuclear industry further illustrate its absurdity. Read more

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USAF Nicholas Dutton

A playground of shady financial centers, high-end hotels and mega-casinos for the super-rich? That’s a future the people of Puerto Rico must avoid — and green energy is one way to do it. Read more



Mike Morbeck

Aaron Rodgers is most likely out for the season. The Packers must do what is right for the franchise and the nation. Read more

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Tom Vazquez

There is now an opportunity for a distributed, renewable power grid that could save lives in Puerto Rico. Read more

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SCANPIX Scanpix Code 20360

It's an ode to war, written by a slaveowner and set to the tune of a drinking song, that was used to drum up support for World War I. Read more

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Don Ramey Logan

Harvey and Irma threatened six reactors with catastrophic failure, and all of us with apocalyptic disaster. Read more

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Jeanne Menjoulet

An unending stream of technical failures and soaring costs, as well as plummeting prices for gas, wind, and solar, and a drop in electricity demand, doomed the project. Read more

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Such regulations, which are emerging in other states, create serious hurdles for wind power but do protect corporate investments in nuclear power and fossil-fuel generators. And that's a lose-lose proposition for the people. Read more


The boom in green-energy technology offers a vital path to a prosperous future. As that great American philosopher Yogi Berra might say, when you see such a fork in the road, take it. Read more

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Erik Drost

Asking you to subsidize nuclear energy is like asking you to bet your company on rotary dial phones and landline networks; to build more Edsels, Corvairs, and Pintos; to mass-produce buggy whips or to convert your business to brick-and-mortar. Read more