Giacomo Sini

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Italian photographer Giacomo Sini has worked in fifty countries. Passionate about the Middle East and Central Asia, he is interested in refugee’s stories. His works have been published in Vice Magazine, El Pais, Neon Stern Magazine, L'Express, Humanité Dimanche, Il Manifesto, Corriere del Ticino, NZZ, Die Zeit, Taz, National Geographic, Venerdì Repubblica, D Repubblica, The Week, Kansan Uutiset.

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Giacomo Sini

For a group of women living in an Iraqi Kurdistan refugee camp, a new class imparts lessons that go far beyond self-defense. Read more

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The mayor who helped create Italy’s “hospitality town” has been arrested and banned, even as he is lauded for his efforts to welcome immigrants, reinvigorating the local culture and economy. Read more