Fred McKissack Jr.

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Fred McKissack Jr.'s articles, op-eds, and reviews have appeared in The Progressive MagazineThe Washington PostVibe Magazine, and others. He lives in Ft. Wayne, Ind. with his wife, Lisa and their son, Mark. 



“Feared for my life” is a go-to excuse, accepted in the court of public opinion and by juries, when considering the deaths of black men. Read more

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I saw my mother’s strength in a moment beyond her corporeal life. She knew she had a problem, and she had moved to sort through it. She just didn’t get the chance. Read more


Even the federal safeguard failed Flint’s residents. Read more

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Where to look to understand upheaval in a city I love? Read more

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He was shot doing his job—walking a young man with autism back to his group home. Read more


There but for the grace of God go I... Read more

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A detention center is not the right project, economically or morally. Read more


There is a familiar pattern in how American’s sit shiva for pop icons. Read more


This presidential primary is now in Mondo bizarro mode, where almost nothing makes sense, particularly black adulation for the Clintons. Read more

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University of Missouri’s black football players showed their power to organize against racism. Read more


Photo by Jason Eppink Pulling down the Confederate battle flag on the grounds of the South Carolina capitol is a step in the right direction. But our country’s problem with race won’t be solved by one long-overdue gesture. Note the ridiculo... Read more

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If a police officer’s first duty is “to serve and protect” the people, there could be no more damning condemnation than the Ferguson department’s primary goal: to “maximize revenue.” Read more


Hate is a strong word, and its banal use doesn’t do any good. I passionately dislike my hometown. That fits, even though it doesn’t quite capture my deep, fatalistic feelings for a town that I thought was the greatest city when I was, well,... Read more

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Every generation has its moment where an older politician brings the fire and brimstone and plays cultural Moses. Invariably, he or she looks like a fool. Image credit: Getty Images Read more

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Darren Wilson is free to go back to his job policing the citizens of Ferguson, if he wants. Michael Brown is dead. Image credit: Rick Majewski Read more

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The Koch brothers get their money's worth in gift to United Negro College Fund. Read more

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The slaying of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, is just the latest example of why we fear the police. Read more

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was right to ban L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and fine him $2.5 million. Read more


Missouri Landfill Owner’s Smelly Amendment By Fred McKissack Just days after the Supreme Court decided that the nexus between big money and elected officials wasn’t corrupt comes a hot mess from Missouri that shows how private interests inf... Read more