Frank Smyth

Frank Smyth

Frank Smyth is a freelance journalist who has covered the NRA for more than twenty years, writing for The Village Voice, The Washington Post, and The Progressive. He won a Society of Professional Journalists national investigative award for his Mother Jones story, “Unmasking NRA’s Inner Circle,” after the Sandy Hook massacre.


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The Capital Gazette attack makes our country the third most dangerous nation for journalists in 2018. more



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The gun group knows it can’t win a fair and open debate; like Trump, it needs a crisis or war to deflect the conversation. more




The gun lobby uses “independent” experts to spread pro-gun views throughout the press. more

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Ever since first running for Texas office more than twenty years ago, Abbott has been a steady advocate for expanding access to guns. He has a 100% approval rating from the National Rifle Association, and is proud of it. more



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Progressives have many reasons to prioritize gun reform. more

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Gun rights advocates have several key scenarios in mind when they claim the right to stockpile weapons of mass killing. more


After Newtown, the gun lobby faced resistance. With Trump’s presidency looming, the National Rifle Association is predicting victory. Here’s a look at how they’ve prevailed. more

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For the first time in modern history, a major U.S. presidential candidate seems to be promoting an armed insurrection against the government. more


Because we have allowed a minority of extremists to control the gun debate. more

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Quite a few pro-gun supporters are simply done with him. more

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"They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic right to defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS,” he wrote. more

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This piece by Frank Smyth on the use of "negative incentive" methods in Central America was originally published in our August 1987 issue. Image credit: Stephen Kroninger more

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  by Frank Smyth Last Friday The New York Times finally addressed a conflict of interest that it had been ignoring for years. Although, among the powerful institutions that have long done so, the Times is hardly alone. The matter helps illu... more

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Gun culture is often associated with red states in the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountains. But gun ownership is a time-honored tradition in many blue states, too, like among the bedroom communities within commuting distance of New York City... more


Earlier this year, long before this week's latest tragic shooting at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard, one expert after another predicted the gun lobby's demise. The horrific massacre of mostly first-grade children in Newtown, Connecticut, seemed ... more


"Poor Al he was a Sharp guy," begins the description of a gun target firm's newest "Life-Sized Tactical Mannequin Target." With a dark skin tone and features that seem to resemble the civil rights figure and MSNBC cable news host Rev. Al Sharpton... more


Here's why the NRA is dead wrong about gun control causing genocide. But at least they agree with human rights groups about the horrors of the military dictatorship in Guatemala.What does America's gun lobby have to do with the question of genoci... more