Fossil Fuels

For millions of people around the globe, especially young people, the pressing issue of our time is this: The world is on fire! Read more


“Over 85,000 children dead from war and starvation in Yemen. And now you may pay more at the pump!” Read more



The U.S. National Archives

As fossil-fuel workers lose their jobs today, the urgency of what climate activists call the “just transition” becomes all the more apparent. Read more



Ostroff Law

The extraction of shale oil and natural gas, especially for export to other countries, is not worth the toll it’s taking on communities and the climate, according to a new report. Read more


“If you're afraid of mass extinctions, buck up patriots!” Read more


It’s not only a pipeline, it’s the future of the planet. Read more



Carlos Becerra

As the Trump Administration tightens its squeeze on the country, U.S. officials warn of increased migration and “profound collapse.” Read more



Sara Keller

If we really want to make a difference this Earth Day, we have to confront the problem of climate change at its source. Read more

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Four Necessity Valve Turners

Our case will be tried before a twelve-person jury, who will decide whether ours was an act of criminality or one of necessity. But the last word will not come from the jury, the judge, or the lawmakers. Read more



Lorie Shaull

Climate, indigenous rights, and water security are all at stake in the ongoing fight against Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline. Read more

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Appalachians Against Pipelines

After more than 100 days up in the air, a small group of Virginia tree sitters are all that remains between natural gas developers and the completion of a 300-mile-long pipeline. Read more


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Photo courtesy of After Coal

A crew of artists imagines a different Appalachia. Read more


“I don’t think the Saudis would be conducting this level of atrocity if not for the support from the United States.” Read more

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Florian Schulz /

The coastal plain, opened for oil drilling by the Trump Administration, is the birthplace and nursery for the Porcupine caribou herd, and land that the Gwich’in call, “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins.” Read more


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Brian Stansberry

The new acting administrator of the EPA—and former coal lobbyist—is easing rules that protect people who live near coal plants from toxic ash. Read more


More Americans now work in the solar industry than in nukes and coal combined. In fact, more are working in California’s solar industry than are digging coal nationwide. So why are politicians propping up nonrenewable energy? Read more

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A new report reveals coal-fired power plants have contaminated groundwater in 39 states with toxic substance. Last year, when the data was just emerging, we reported on this story, and how Trump’s EPA is worsening the problem. Read more

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Annabelle Marcovici

Still saying “fuck no” to fossil fuels. Read more


Activists defend their hometown, Lancaster Pennsylvania, in the hopes of stalling a pipeline that would run through neighbors' backyards. Read more



U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Many Alaskan indigenous peoples depend on the Arctic Refuge. But there's a dangerous push to develop it. Read more