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If you love meat, keep reading. more

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If Trump really wants to earn farmers’ trust, then his administration needs to seriously work on legislation that ensures them a fair price that covers their cost of production. more


Rebecca Vallas of the Center for American Progress speaks on how a Republican Farm Bill proposal collapsed under the weight of it’s own cruelty. more


#1 - United Farm Workers leader Dolores Huerta organizing marchers on the 2nd day of March Coachella in Coachella, CA 1969. © 1976 George Ballis - Take Stock - The Image Works.jpg

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An ideal film to open over Labor Day weekend, Dolores is a stand-up-and-cheer biopic about one of the American left’s iconic heroes, Dolores Huerta. more


Communities say harmful chemicals used on potatoes sold to McDonald's have caused years of health effects. more


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Soaring college costs force many to go without food or seek government assistance. more

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The industry is tarring public health advocates and reporters as anti-science for raising issues the public needs to understand. That should worry us all. more

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Farming, because of the uniqueness and fragility of each one of the world’s myriad of small places, has to involve a creaturely affection and care. What does that look like? The remarkable novelist, critic, and poet Wendell Berry has ideas. more


When disenfranchised people have their dignity and independence restored, the community is better served. more


The cuisine of New York’s most diverse borough can be found on the streets—where there’s a struggle going on for economic justice. more


Problems with lead extend well beyond Flint more


Desperate times prompt dubious alliances. more

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Labor leader, civil rights activist, feminist, and living legend. more


Novella has grown lettuce for the Black Panthers, dumpster dived gourmet restaurants to feed her pigs, and lived for an entire month on what she produced on a vacant lot in downtown Oakland. more


"You want to screw up your economy? Screw up your government." more


The very people responsible for this problem won't have to deal with the consequences. more


They're organizing border to border. more

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If GM foods are safe, as the industry claims, then why the stubborn opposition to labeling? more

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The states of Vermont and California have made major strides in defending consumers’ right to know about the presence of genetically modified (GM) content in their food and the toxicity of agrochemicals. But indu... more


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