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Erik Gunn is a Milwaukee-based writer.

Randy Bryce concedes, November 6, 2018.

George Petrovich

Instead of gloom, Bryce and his supporters seemed to exude an air of gritty resolve. Read more


Congress Candidate Wisconsin

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An unlikely coalition of supporters want a working man in Paul Ryan's seat. Read more


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Joe Anderson

Under Trump, the National Labor Relations Board is facing an unprecedented attack. Read more



Annelise Orleck

A new worker struggle is building—and it's predominantly made up of women. Read more



Max Pixel

Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, but Reverend Rob Lee says there’s a right and wrong side to history, and he knows which side to be on. Read more

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Congress Taxes

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Religious leaders are at the forefront of the Trump opposition. Read more

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DC: Bishop William J. Barber II Speaks At Howard University

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Barber is a man with a mission. He previously led the “Moral Mondays” movement, a broad coalition of people engaged in human rights struggles. Now, he’s helping to create a “reengagement” of Martin Luther King’s “Poor People's Campaign.” Read more


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As the election of Donald Trump has emboldened white supremacists, others are showing the way to resist the hate. Read more


“Despite Trump’s election and despite Jeff Sessions being the Attorney General, I see the community momentum for decarceration and rethinking the criminal justice system is still very vibrant.” Read more




“Courts have no problem if I stand up and say I want the death penalty. But call for mercy, and I feel like an enemy of the state.” Read more

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Abe Bonowitz

"Our deepest concern is to use our trial to put the death penalty on trial." Read more

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Courtesy of Shane Claiborne

A native of Tennessee, Claiborne calls on Christians, especially Evangelicals, to turn toward a practice of nonviolence, social justice, and solidarity with the poor. Alabama, pay attention. Read more


Racine teachers find ways to get their voice back. Read more


A new sheriff in town? The controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff is headed for a high level position in Trump's Department of Homeland Security. Here's why that's not good. Read more

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