Brocken InaGlory

The campaign by local governments to break up and take over the utility could mark a turning point in the history of American energy. Read more

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The Department of Energy's 2019 budget request is upsetting, but it contains one good idea: reign in spending on fusion energy research. Read more

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Tennessee officials just barred citizens from carrying homemade signs in the state legislature, where they are allowed to bring loaded guns... Read more



USAF Nicholas Dutton

A playground of shady financial centers, high-end hotels and mega-casinos for the super-rich? That’s a future the people of Puerto Rico must avoid — and green energy is one way to do it. Read more


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Tom Vazquez

There is now an opportunity for a distributed, renewable power grid that could save lives in Puerto Rico. Read more

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The specter of uranium mining exposes the true nature of the Trump Administration’s extractive agenda for public lands. Read more

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Mark Dixon

Carbon dividends could represent the most viable path toward taxing pollution and climate changing emissions in the United States, as well as the beginnings of a universal basic income. Read more


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Jeanne Menjoulet

An unending stream of technical failures and soaring costs, as well as plummeting prices for gas, wind, and solar, and a drop in electricity demand, doomed the project. Read more

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Such regulations, which are emerging in other states, create serious hurdles for wind power but do protect corporate investments in nuclear power and fossil-fuel generators. And that's a lose-lose proposition for the people. Read more



Agustín Ruiz

Bill Snape, senior counsel with the Center for Biological Diversity, called the measure a “special interest bonanza” that would “take our country and our people in the wrong direction.” Read more


The boom in green-energy technology offers a vital path to a prosperous future. As that great American philosopher Yogi Berra might say, when you see such a fork in the road, take it. Read more

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Bold Nebraska

Even as the Trump Administration aims to roll out the red carpet for the fossil fuel industry, resistance is rising on a number of fronts. There's much to do. Read more


To understand the magnitude of Donald Trump’s distorted priorities, we compared Pentagon spending with domestic programs he wants to cut. Pentagon "waste” alone dwarfs all other agency spending. Take a look. Read more


Donald Trump’s first budget makes his antipathy to the environment clear—and his love for fossil fuels and nuclear power even clearer. Read more

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It seeks to establish an institutional framework for sustainable development. But has it failed already? Read more


I first met Richard Grossman when I was following Ralph Nader on the campaign trail through New England. Read more