Disability Rights

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The challenge, until recently, was getting past medical guidelines that rejected applicants who had sought psychiatric counseling. Read more


Here they are again, back from the dead, like zombies. Read more


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History shows that when a famous person insults disabled people in this manner, they can easily get off the hook. Read more


Maybe I have a certain talent not so much for making political predictions but for smelling rightwing hypocrisy. It really isn’t hard to do. The stench is often overwhelming. Read more


My heroes are those disabled folks who embrace the power of their nuisance status. But what happens when being a nuisance becomes a punishable offense? Read more


What are bootstraps to someone who literally cannot stand on their own two feet? Read more


When people laugh at my cripple segregation experience, it means they get the joke. Read more


Today marks the twenty-ninth anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. And I'm happy, because I remember how things were before the ADA. Read more


As some people continually seek to redefine what an inclusive public bathroom looks like, conservative forces staunchly defend the bathroom status quo. Read more


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James Goodman

A determined detainee stands up for her rights, with a little help from her friends. Read more


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White House

Twenty years ago, a civil rights victory helped disabled people escape institutional life. Read more


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Acts of extraordinary generosity get all the press. But we’re missing the point. Read more

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Brad Dougherty

If you’re wondering what life is like for many disabled folks, think about those TV commercials for amusement parks like Great America. Read more

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The angry families and the media didn’t go away. In the end, the senate capitulated to human decency. Read more


The extra dollars that customers give to White Castle go to Autism Speaks, which could be responsible for spreading the abject fear of autism that fuels the anti-vaccination crowd. Read more


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The Trump Administration’s proposal to cut funding for the Special Olympics drew public scrutiny. Where’s the outrage over Medicaid cuts? Read more


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If you or someone you love may apply for Social Security Disability support, you should probably stay off social media. Either that or only post pictures of yourself looking totally miserable. Read more


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Molly Adams

The Medicare for All movement may be gaining steam, but so is its evil counterpoint. Read more

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Major League Baseball has agreed to stop using the offensive term. Paradigm shift? Maybe not. Read more

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