Disability Rights


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Bush deserves credit for what he did to make the ADA happen. But federal civil rights laws are just empty symbolic gestures unless the executive branch vigorously enforces them and judges take them seriously. more


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The way we look at caregiving plays into propaganda that austerity vultures use to justify cutting social programs. Make mine a double. more

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Claire VanValkenburg

Now Trump will be able to say maybe he didn’t build that wall, but he did build a bureaucratic barbed wire fence that keeps out the lazy “public charges.” more


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I’m supposed to be writing about how hiring disabled people is the right thing to do and makes good business sense. But I’m not comfortable carrying that message. more


A collection that defies oversimplification and stereotypes. more


A 2007 decision completely disrespects people’s rights and their freedom of choice because of their disability. more


Arbitration agreements with medical facilities are all the rage these days. We’ve probably all signed them, whether we know it or not. more


I drink martinis through a straw—which isn’t easy. more


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Rita Gaither

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has revoked Abigail Hernandez’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, paving the way for deportation to Mexico. “She would be taken advantage of. She would not survive,” her teacher says. more

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“I’m searching in vain for an antonym for the word ‘refugee.’ I need that word to characterize people, myself included, who feel compelled to stay in their states.” more

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Kenneth Lu

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law July 26, 1990. Today, some outfits still act like it doesn’t apply to them. more

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Paul Sableman

‘I’m excited to be clogging the door, for whatever reason.’ more


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I wish just once I could see a real story of hope, where somebody makes a grand entrance in a colorful new wheelchair and maybe pops a wheelie or two. more

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I didn’t know that I have been contributing to the crumbling infrastructure of our national parks. more


A new airline policy for traveling with a support animal requires 48-hours notice—a problem in case of emergencies, which is exactly when one really needs support. more



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In Heaven, is everyone a non-disabled white man? more

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In a society where the guy with biggest gun rules, I’m a sitting duck. more



David Galbraith

Tales of “drive-by lawsuits” are like those hair-raising stories about welfare fraud. They make for blaring headlines but in the grand scheme of things are not that common. more