David Kupfer

David Kupfer is a Northern California writer whose work has appeared in The Sun, Bay Nature, Earth Island Journal, and Whole Earth. He has written for The Progressive since 1993.

Physician, folk artist, musical storyteller, and activist Rupa K. Marya shares her ideas on how to rethink illness and what she learned at the Standing Rock health clinic. more

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Labor leader, civil rights activist, feminist, and living legend. more


“I’m up here for those kids that I helped kill.” more


"I have never met a single person behind bars who said, 'Well, I want to get out of here, but I sure hope the Republicans don’t help.'” more


"I'm a man who has been a political activist, who has a political consciousness, and who can write poetry." more

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The sun was setting on a late October afternoon when I met with author Terry Tempest Williams in a hotel conference room built over a saltwater marsh near San Pablo Bay in San Rafael, California. She was in my hometown that day to deliver a... more


The folk music legend is also a great storyteller and an unapologetic activist. more


Martin Sheen is a pacifist, a social and political activist who has not shied away from putting his body on the front lines, and a devout Roman Catholic. After rediscovering his faith twenty years ago, he began his activist work in earnest.... more

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