David Helvarg

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David Helvarg is a former war correspondent, award-winning journalist, and founder of the Blue Frontier Campaign. His latest book is The Golden Shore–California’s Love Affair with the Sea.

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

“Pessimism of the spirit and optimism of the will” are about saving enough to rebuild, even if we may not see the results in our own lifetimes. Read more



David Helvarg

Corporate execs, career politicians, and environmental activists converged on San Francisco for the Climate Action Summit. Read more


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David Helvarg

Voting blue this fall might literally mean casting a vote for the ocean. Read more




Trump is redefining America’s relationship to our public oceans, and he’s doing it at a time of chaotic marine and climatic change. Read more



David Helvarg

We want to shift the burden of single-use plastics from the consumer to the perpetrators of a throwaway culture. #The Ocean is Rising #And So Are We. Read more


Guns, guns, guns.

Pål Joakim Pollen

Once we acknowledge gun ownership is both a right and a public health menace, we might be able to begin a discussion. Read more


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USAF/1st Lt. Zachary West

Much of the destruction in Houston from Hurricane Harvey didn't have to happen. Read more


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Most marine scientists now believe 75 percent of the world’s coral reefs will be dead due to accelerating climate change by mid-century. Half are already gone. But that's not the end of the story. Read more

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Trump’s new Secretary of Interior idolizes Teddy Roosevelt, but Zinke’s history reveals he’s in close company with the “great special interests” Roosevelt condemned. Read more



Steve Kaiser

Protest Advice from an Old New Lefty Read more


How do environmentalists and climate realists respond to the threat of a Trump presidency? Lessons from the past suggest some strategies that can be applied in new and creative ways. Read more


Obama's new Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area supports one of the largest seasonal marine mammal migrations in the world, including thousands of bowhead and beluga whales, hundreds of thousands of walruses and ice seals, and milli... Read more


My city's greatest natural treasure—that was almost a casino. Read more

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What to do with the blue in our red, white and blue? Read more

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I respect my friend Sylvia Earle’s refusal to eat seafood, as well as the famed ocean scientist’s argument that no market hunting has ever been sustainable. Still, there’s nothing as delicious to me as a wild salmon I’ve caught myself, or raw oys... Read more

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Cliven Bundy, whose hundreds of supporters, including armed supporters, recently won a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) along Highway 15 in southern Nevada, doesn’t look like Bill Murray, but his scene strongly reminds me o... Read more


I was arrested in Washington DC in 1971 when we declared, "If the government doesn't stop the war the people will stop the government." Read more


This salty blue marble planet of ours is too wild, fun, and sacred to lose. Read more