Dave Saldana

Dave Saldana is director, writer, and producer of "Keystone PipeLIES Exposed," a new short film that is a production of the Center for Media and Democracy.

It's not often that a state court hears a case that has global consequences, but it's about to happen. Read more

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California is a trendsetter. Food, fashion, music, film… a lot of what makes up contemporary American culture today got its start in the Golden State. Usually, that’s a good thing. But not always. What happened in California last week was a ba... Read more


  Excerpt: “We’ve destabilized the planet’s climate system, and the only question is how much farther we’re going to go,” Bill McKibben of told Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. If we don’t reverse direction, he said, “what we call civiliz... Read more


When news leaked that Stephen Colbert would replace the retiring David Letterman as host of CBS's "The Late Show," I was not thrilled. Not because, as some folks complained, here was yet another white guy behind a late-night desk. And not, as ... Read more


  February 13, 2013, was a very special day in Washington DC. It wasn't merely because hundreds of demonstrators marched in front of the White House to stop the KXL pipeline. It wasn't because environmental activists like Robert Kennedy, Jr., ... Read more


Some folks would have you believe that climate change is a hoax, a plot by greedy climatologists, environmental extremists, and one-world global government conspirators to take away Americans' freedom of choice and destroy the economy. As para... Read more