Climate Change, On the Ground


As global conversation churns around the problem of climate change, The Progressive asks, “So what are we actually doing about it?” In this issue, reporters and experts take us to communities around the country and the world responding to the crisis and making concrete change.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has pushed for a transformation of Puerto Rico that returns autonomy to the island's people, a key strategy for responding to climate change. Read more



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“If we are bold, if we have the courage to take on the fossil fuel industry, if we are prepared to invest in sustainable energy, we can make the necessary changes to save the planet. And that’s exactly what we have to do.” Read more


The first tree huggers were incredibly brave. Read more

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A crew of artists imagines a different Appalachia. Read more


Indigenous peoples fight schemes to buy and sell their land in the name of a climate change ‘solution.’ Read more


Movement leaders tells us about communities making concrete change in the face of planetary crisis. Read more



Steve Liptay

The path out of this nightmare is relatively clear—and communities on the frontlines are leading the way. Read more


Climate journalist Dahr Jamail finds his own kind of hope. Read more


With climate crises at home, a network of South Asians in the U.S. are holding their adopted country accountable. Read more


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Bryan Parras

A post-Harvey development frenzy in Texas opens up another front in the fight against fossil fuels. Read more


There are good guys under capitalism. They’re just the ones actively subverting it. Read more


Forty years ago, an epic flood pushed a tiny Wisconsin village to a new place on the map. In the age of climate change, it’s a model for the nation. Read more


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Renata Solan

At the epicenter for climate injustice, Nicaraguans plant solutions. Read more


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Kristin Thiekling

What will it take to create a public for the ocean? Read more