Christopher D. Cook


Christopher D. Cook is a contributing writer for The Progressive and an award-winning journalist whose writing has appeared in Harper’s, The Atlantic, The Nation, the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere. He was an elected Bernie delegate for San Francisco’s twelfth congressional district. He is the author of Diet for a Dead Planet: Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis. See his work at and on Twitter.

New “autopsy” report urges progressive “re-boot.” Read more


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The Democratic Party’s marriage with corporate interests—like any poisonous marriage—means that a bold progressive shift is not about “waking up,” but about breaking up. Read more

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With deep cuts to vital support for low-income and working-class people, this budget lays bare the scope of Trump's destructive agenda. How should progressives respond? Read more


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Alexander Acosta will continue the Republican onslaught against protections for American labor. Read more


How can it be that the vast resources of the Dems aren’t being engaged to support activists doing their darndest to defeat blatantly destructive Trump nominees? Read more

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Steve Cup

Blue-collar and middle-class workers who backed Trump in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and elsewhere are in for a shock. Read more


It’s time to think big. Let’s push the Democratic Party in an unapologetically progressive direction and build up electorally independent alternatives. Read more


The struggle for justice continues. Read more


Every day in America the food system that supplies our sustenance is engaged in its own form of consumption. It feasts on human toil, commodified animals, natural resources, and our own bodies. Food, one of the foundations of life, has beco... Read more

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On a recent Wednesday evening in San Francisco, a crowd of more than 130 people packed into a community center for a wonky two-hour discussion about Plan Bay Area -- a detailed roadmap for regional growth that would displace thousands of people w... Read more


Deciding how America will nourish itself and sustain its farms would seem a top policy priority, yet as the Farm Bill demonstrates, sustainably grown healthy food and livable incomes for farmers and workers remain an afterthought in a process con... Read more


The views that spill forth inside this swing-state Romney office plunge far deeper into the right-wing abyss than the so-called moderate stances trotted out by the Romney campaign. Read more


It was a remarkable and inspiring scene, a river of people filling boulevards in the name of reform and revolution. Read more