Charter schools

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Brad Wilson

Charters promised all sorts of miraculous educational achievements at low, low prices. But those achievements haven’t appeared. More people are understanding that what we’re really talking about is the privatization of our public school system. Read more

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Milwaukee public schools

Charles Edward Miller

In an historic election, the school board, long hospitable to private interests, is now controlled by a pro-public-school majority. That’s big news in a city that has had a giant target painted on it by the national school-choice lobby. Read more


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April Saul

Publicly funded charter schools were presented with the unique opportunity to shape their schools as reflective of their student populations. They have not done that. Read more

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The White House

Up to $1 billion of federal grant money went to charter schools that never opened or opened for only brief periods before being shut down. Read more


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Gage Skidmore

Congress members confronted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over a proposed budget increase for a program funding charter schools that quickly closed, or never opened at all. Read more

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Everyone needs to understand the implications of their choice to support charter schools. Read more

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Gage Skidmore

Trump has proposed to slash funding for public education in his 2020 budget. In courts across the country, however, public schools are holding up in lawsuits brought by pro-charter interests. Read more

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John De La Rosa/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Teachers in the school district that was supposed to be the model for education reform just rebelled—and won. Read more

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Backbone Campaign

I’m not looking for gotcha moments or public chastising of the Secretary, I’m after something larger. Read more

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Ben Garvin

What happens when public education becomes a marketplace? Read more


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Ted Eytan

With a spotlight on the U.S. city with the highest concentration of charters, lawmakers have leverage to take on the famously pro-privatization Secretary of Education. Read more

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California’s new superintendent of public instruction, Tony Thurmond, opposes the privatization of education. Read more

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Charlie Kaijo

Given the state's history with “school choice,” California’s new legislation comes as a surprise. And it’s met with skepticism. Read more

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

A shift away from the charter school approach is on the horizon in Minnesota’s largest city. Read more

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Michael Johnson/Thomas Good

The upcoming New York primary could redefine the Democratic party in the state—and could mean drastic change for the charter school industry. Read more

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Gage Skidmore

Members of the Kentucky Board of Education have allied with corporate interests to privatize education, including involvement in potential real estate deals. Read more

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The takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools is not a contest between ‘red vs. blue,’ but of whether democracy matters at all. Read more

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U.S. Air Force/Kathleen D. Bryant

Tony Evers leads in polls among the slew of Democratic candidates vying to take on Walker. But is he pro-public school enough to win? Read more

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Pundits say Louisiana has finally returned control of New Orleans charter schools to a locally elected school board, and that they are now accountable to the city’s residents. But New Orleanians will tell you: that’s not the case. Read more

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Natalie Maynor

A familiar story of public school 'failure' and state seizure is playing out in Jackson, Mississippi. Can the city overcome its racist past to find a better ending? Read more

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