Book Review

The year’s themes of political turmoil, self discovery and civil rights ring loud and clear with these gems. Read more


New books chronicle the insurgency of Black resistance. Read more


A review of, “We Are Staying: Eighty Years in the Life of a Family, a Store, and a Neighborhood.” Read more

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For Lorraine Hansberry, American radicalism was a passion and a commitment. It was, in fact, a requirement for human decency. Read more



Tony Webster

A new book tackles a Grand Canyon-sized debate. Read more


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Rick Reinhard

“Resistance: Reclaiming an American Tradition” chronicles the legacy of rebellion. Read more


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The current fixation with Russian aggression is one indication of a dangerous deterioration in relations, which is being taken advantage of to fuel a new arms race and Cold War. Read more

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library

While much of the media attention on the book focused on Comey’s digs at Trump, there is much more to it. Read more

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Bill Lueders examines books that show the importance of unions. Read more


Are we on the road to some form of authoritarian rule? Read more


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Elvis Batiz

Virginia Eubanks’ new book “Automating Inequality” looks at how automated eligibility systems “profile, police, and punish” the poor. Read more

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In a new book, Walzer considers how leftists should think about and participate in international events when neoliberal capitalism is ascendant. Read more


Best readin' of the year (and good gift ideas) from Dave Zirin, Ed Rampell, John Nichols,The Progressive staff and others. Read more



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Reviewed: “A Great Vision: A militant family’s journey through the 20th century,” by Richard March. Read more


The former radio host has transitioned from “recovering liberal” to sickened conservative. Read more


Our longtime contributing writer Mike Ervin has just published a new collection of essays, “Smart Ass Cripple’s Little Chartreuse Book.” As he says, “it still has that new Smart Ass Cripple book smell.” Read more


‘The Russian Revolution of 1917 is rich in lessons for today’s crisis-ridden world of exploitation, oppression, and violence. The Bolsheviks have much to teach us.’ Read more


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Still from the film, "As Goes Janesville," 2012.

At the heart of Goldstein’s book are stories about Janesville’s working-class families, still hurting “no matter how vigorously they have clung to the old can-do.” Read more

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He was raised a Baptist and became born again as a teenager. Now he works providing abortions in the Deep South because, as he puts it, "is it right for me, as a Christian, to refuse to do them?" Read more