Black History

We've curated some of our best historical essays and have published many new pieces, too. For The Progressive, every month is Black History Month. Take a look:

The full name of the March on Washington was “The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” Read more

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Like other holidays that are celebrated predominantly by people of color — such as Ramadan, Juneteenth, Holi, and Hispanic Heritage Month — Kwanzaa is often misunderstood. Read more

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Yoichi R. Okamoto

“We learned that the government had a plan in place to deal with any black leaders emerging ‘who could unify and electrify the masses,’ in the words of the FBI. Fred was doing that.” Read more

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Trump’s habit of stirring up animosity toward people of color and other political enemies through his own irresponsible rhetoric is itself reminiscent of lynching times. Read more



Library of Congress

American public policy surrounding Haiti still contributes to ongoing misery there today—including conditions that have erupted in protests in recent weeks. Read more

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Boston, Ginn and Company

What we need in America is a steady gaze in the mirror, accepting that any talk about our history is the story of people brought here as slaves. Read more


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Jason Johnson

Katherine Franke’s new book, “Repair: Redeeming the Promise of Abolition” offers concrete strategies for both reparations and housing reform. Read more

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Grass is Greener

The marijuana industry is blossoming, along with multiple challenges to correcting decades of injustice around the plant. Read more


Black women face major barriers to entry in news media. Read more


An activist and historian recalls his 100 years on the streets of Chicago. Read more


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Erin Robinson

As a baby, you knew nothing of the definitions the world was going to press onto you later in life—black, female, Southern. The world had not yet told you who you were, who you could or should be. You just were. Read more


“No matter how many centuries have been devoted to the official story that black people are shameful, we have been the grace note of American history. And yet if I am honest, shame is what I feel. Not in blackness though, in Americanness.” Read more



Landesarchiv Berlin

What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of Donald Trump’s border wall? Read more


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From If Beale Street Could Talk

Finally, James Baldwin’s big screen U.S. debut. Read more

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New books chronicle the insurgency of Black resistance. Read more


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David Lee / Focus Features

The movie is Lee’s best and most radical film in decades, and a lot of fun as well. Read more


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Andre White

When Dellums talked about peace, he meant peace—withdrawal from the mentality that relies on death and the threat of death as a national way of life. Read more



Dennis Brack/UT Austin’s Briscoe Center for American History

Among fiftieth anniversaries from the seismic year of 1968, a lesser-known episode has powerful lessons for today. Read more


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Her father’s name is on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education, a milestone in ending racial segregation in public education. Read more