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“If we are bold, if we have the courage to take on the fossil fuel industry, if we are prepared to invest in sustainable energy, we can make the necessary changes to save the planet. And that’s exactly what we have to do.” Read more


The struggle we are engaged in right now is of pivotal importance for this country. Whether we win or lose will determine the future of America. Read more


Bernie Sanders speaking on the Senate floor in 2011: "Approving these trade agreements is insane." Read more

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How do we build a political movement in this country that represents all of the people and not a handful of millionaires? Read more


Sanders Medicare 4 All

Senator Sanders

The barrage of false narratives being fired from influential Democrats, including Barack Obama, is obscuring Medicare for All’s unique programmatic strength and broad political support in rhetorical smoke. Read more


Billionaires v. Bernie

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The democratic socialist candidate is under attack from the super rich, their corporations, lobbyists, and think tanks. Some are even backing his 2020 Democratic primary rivals. Read more

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Sanders’s socialism is scary for a Democratic establishment that worries a lot about electability. Cue the media hit pieces. Read more

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“I can understand why people voted for Trump based on what he said. For too long the political establishment did not listen to the needs of working families.” Read more




The ascendant progressive wing of the Democratic party has plenty of ideas gaining momentum at home—but what about issues abroad? Read more




A thousand activists gathered in Washington, D.C. at the People’s Action convention this past weekend. Their target? Translating protests into electoral victory. Read more


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To do it we must reestablish a Democratic Party with a conscience. Read more

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