As`ad AbuKhalil

Until King Salman’s notable absence from meetings with the White House this week, the Saudi royal family has managed its relationship with the United States with utmost care. more

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Until the American public demands the full disclosure about the Saudi role, we won’t understand the real circumstances of September 11 and the forming and funding of Al-Qaeda. Image credit: Pool/Getty Images more

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U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations will strain after death of kingAugust 2, 2005 With the recent death of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, the royal jockeying for power in the country has begun in earnest, and it may have a tremendous impact on U.S.-Sa... more


War against terrorism not an issue of good vs. evilOctober 16, 2001 President Bush insists to the world that there are only two choices: you are either with "us" or with "them." Yet many people from the Middle East and Muslim countries sta... more