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Arun Gupta has written for dozens of publications including The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Nation, the Raw Story, and Jacobin. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruction: A Junk-Food-Loving Chef's Inquiry into Taste (The New Press).

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“They say we have to protect ourselves from terrorism, but it feels like terrorism is happening right here.” Read more


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Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer

Trump’s order has compounded the Syrian tragedy, gumming up the process for some of those trying to flee. Here are some of their stories. Read more


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quinn norton

The revised order affords the Trump Administration wide latitude in broadening the scope of the order upon whim, with language that will allow the profiling of entire countries so as to exclude their citizens. Read more


Even the U.S.'s minimal goal remains in doubt. Elsewhere, things are better. Read more


Occupy changed how we felt. We were the motor of history, not just its victims. The mic check gave us a participatory society, not just one of spectacle. Read more


NABEEL USED TO WORK FOR the Americans in Iraq. He was a security team leader for the Research Triangle Institute, a U.S. contractor that was paid more than half-a-billion dollars to run "local governance programs" throughout the country. He survi... Read more

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