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Photo courtesy of After Coal

A crew of artists imagines a different Appalachia. Read more


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Kristin Thiekling

What will it take to create a public for the ocean? Read more


The Connecticut museum showcases culture, history, and ‘a window into Palestinian life.’ Read more


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Henrik Eger

“On the stage as Marx, I directly challenge the system.” Read more



Heather Gies

For the thousands of indigenous and other women gathered in Chiapas, art is resistance. Read more


A group of women artists in San Francisco Tanivet use their fabric art to expresses the pain of family separation and immigration to the United States. Read more


Not even Spotify can scrub the influence white-power hate groups have on music. Read more


Funny he's so focused on preserving certain monuments, because otherwise the President appears dead-set on wrecking all things beautiful, with neither the hindsight nor the foreknowledge to recognize the danger in doing so. Read more


Cultivating Resistance

Dawn Starin

In hundreds of murals, artists give voice to the struggles of those who are often invisible or ignored. Read more


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Danor Shtruzman/Wikimedia Commons

If history is a reliable guide, philanthropists are better remembered for their arts patronage than they are for the criminal acts that made them rich in the first place. Read more

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Chip Thomas

For thirty years, Chip Thomas has worked as a doctor in the Painted Desert region. He's also an artist, committed to sharing the stories and concerns of the Navajo people he works with. Take a look. Read more