Annie Laurie Gaylor

My mother Anne Nicol Gaylor directed that when she died, a “small tombstone” should be inscribed with her name and the words “Feminist—Activist—Freethinker.” My three brothers and I had long teased her that when she died we’d instead put on her t... Read more

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Tuesday, Feb. 19, marks the half-century anniversary of the publication of a book that changed women's lives. The book was "The Feminine Mystique," written by Smith College graduate Betty Friedan.Herself a housewife drowning in domesticity, Fried... Read more


This weekend marks the 160th anniversary of the first women’s rights convention in history. Read more


Here’s some Thanksgiving trivia. On Thanksgiving 135 years ago, the suffragist Susan B. Anthony was arrested in her Rochester, N.Y., parlor for committing the crime of voting while female. Read more

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Women tend to outnumber men on college campuses, and women are entering many professions in equal or greater numbers than men. Our country cannot afford to ignore the leadership skills of half its population. Read more